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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2004The Obstetric Vesicovaginal Fistula: Characteristics of 899 Patients from Jos, NigeriaWall, Lewis .L; Karshima, Jonathan .A; Kirschiner, Carolyn; Arrowsmith, Steven .D
2014Obstructed Inguinal Hernia in Children: Case-Controlled Approach to Evaluate the Influence of Socio-Demographic VariablesLawal, T.A.; Egbuchulem, K.I.; Ajao, A.E.
2018Occupational Hazards: Knowledge, Attitude, and Perception of Medical Laboratory Scientists in NigeriaEkwempu, A.I.; Essien, U.C.; Naancin, V.; Polit, U.; Nnanna, O.U.
2010Occupational Predisposition to Dermatophytes and other Agents of Human Dermatitis in Jos, NigeriaMakinde, A.A.; Lombin, L.H.; Chuku, A.; Ta'ama, L.; Dalis, J.; Shaibu, S.J.; Irokanulo, E.A.O
9-Jan-2017Occurrence and Biodegradation of Kerosene by Aquatic Phycomycetes from Some Water Bodies in a Semi-Arid Area of NigeriaOdu, C.E.; Ogbonna, C.I.C.; Egbere, O.J.; Onyimba, I.A.; Tumba, T.; Abana, P.
2012Occurrence and Treatment of Common Health Problems in a Nigerian CommunityAuta, A.; Banwat, S.B; Dayom, D.W; Shalkur, D.; Avu, M.O
Nov-2015Occurrence of Cysticercus bovis and Faciola species in Cattle Slaughtered at the Jos AbattoirPam, D.D.; Pam, V.A.; Abdullateef, M.H.; Ogbu, K.I.; Bot, C.C.
2015Occurrence of Enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli O157:H7 in Vegetables Sold in Jos Metropolis, NigeriaOkojokwu, O.J.; Akpakpan, E.E.; Ndubuisi, J.C.; Kolawole, O.T.; Okopi, J.A.
2006Occurrence of Enteropathogens in Traditional Weaning Cereal Pastes in Jos, NigeriaMawak, J.D; Ashamu, T.O
2014The Occurrence of Escherichia Coli Serotype 0157: H7 Among Humans in Some Parts Plateau State, Nigeria.Itelima, J.U.; Agina, S.E.; Ogbonna, A.I.; Nwaukwu, I.A.
2012Occurrence of Fluoride in the Drinking Waters of Langtang Area, North Central NigeriaDibal, H.U; Schoeneich, K; Garba, I; Lar, U.A; Bala, E.A
2019Occurrence of Gastrointestinal Parasitic Associated with Exotic Dogs in Commercial Breeding Mills in Jos Metropolis-NigeriaAmapu, T. Y.; Latu, M. Y.; Dapiya H. S., H. S.; Pam, K. V.; Job, M. O.; Dawen, D. E.; Brengshak, S. B.; Ajang, Y.; Hero, G. U.; Dingmun, P. J.; Okojokwu, O. J.
2014Occurrence of human African trypanosomosis among HIV patients in Ankpa General Hospital, Kogi State NigeriaWada, Y.; Ajogi, I.; Dzikwi, A; Lawal, I.A
Dec-2006The Occurrence of Listeria monocytogenes in Faeces of Domesticated PoultryMawak, J.D; Onubogu, T.M; Chukwu, O.O.C; Ngulukun, S.S; Muhammad, M.J
2009Occurrence of Listeria Monocytogenes in Irrigation Water and Vegetable at Jos, Plateau State, NigeriaMawak, J.D; Dashen, M.M; Idolo, A.J; Chukwu, O.O.C
2018Occurrence of Parasite Eggs and Oocysts in Commonly Consumed Vegetables Collected from Selected Markets in Zaria, Kaduna State NigeriaPatrobas, M.N.; Okubanjo, O.O.; Lawal, I. A.; Kudi, C.A.; Balami, A.G.; Dunka, H.I.
Mar-2014Occurrence of Potentially Hazardous Fungi in Exposed Brewery Spent Sorghum GrainsOnyimba, Isaac A.; Ogbonna, Chike I. C.; Chukwu, Chukwu O. O.; Odu, Collins C. E.
Jun-2018Occurrence of Salmonella and Shigella in Edible Frogs (Hoplobatrachus Spp) from Hanwa Frog Market Zaria, NigeriaKia, G.S.N.; Benjamin, E.A.; Ajani, E.O.; Otolorin, G.R.
2017Occurrences of Bacterial Isolates Associated with Tomato Rot in Two Markets of Jos Metropolis, NigeriaPandukur, S. G.; Itelima, J. U.; Plangnan, A. G.
2018Ocular Trauma From Fireworks During Diwali FestivalAdenuga, Olukorede O.; Kannan, Naresh B.; Ahuja, Ashish A.; Ramasamy, Kim
Showing results 2061 to 2080 of 3108
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